Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear

Pampers’ new Easy Ups Training Underwear are now my newest favourite piece of toddler gear! We are lucky enough to be partnered with Pampers and get to try them with our two year old who wants to potty train but just hasn’t fully got the concept perfected yet.  From a parent’s standpoint I feel they have thought of all the checkpoints needed for potty training underwear: they offer a stretchy waistband that makes it easy to pull them up and down, extra absorb channels to catch leaks and distribute it evenly (no pools of wetness in one patch), dual leak-guard barriers so that nothing seeps out, easy tear sides so that when they need to be removed without being pulled down the legs you can do so, and they are super soft, just like cotton underwear.  Now for the real tester of them, my daughter, I can wholeheartedly tell you that she loves them and is so excited for HER underwear (she has an older sister and now, the fact that she has her very own, makes her beyond thrilled). She insists on putting them on all by herself and she is so excited by the fact that she can easily pull them down when she has to use the potty, and that is the clincher, she gets excited to use the potty because she can actually do it all herself! If you have ever potty trained, you know that getting your child EXCITED for anything to do with using the potty is pivotal in the process! Although our journey has only just begun towards our girl being perfectly potty trained, these new Easy Ups Training Underwear have got us off on a good start and I have a feeling they will be a big help through this journey!


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