Brica Fold’n Go Travel Bassinet – A Mom’s Review

I love the Brica Fold‘n Go Travel Bassinet and so does my baby! We went on a family vacation and the first point we agreed that was great was how small it folded up and how easy it was for my husband to carry along with our luggage. It also took up hardly any room in the back of the truck, leaving more room for me to pack a few more dresses and shoes (definitely a win!). When we got to our hotel I was so excited to get the bassinet unfolded and set up for our little guy to have a nap in, I was very impressed with how easy it was to unfold and set up, and he got his nap in right away, which made us all happier. He seems to sleep well in it, and I slept better knowing that he was so safe in it and that he was getting a good amount of much needed baby sleep! Anyone who has traveled with a baby knows that it can be stressful, you have no idea how your baby will do with the change of scenery and routine and anything you can do to help them be as comfortable as possible is worth every penny. At the end of our vacation my husband was the one to pack it back up and he tells me it was very simple and quick, that made him happy because somehow I ended up with more to pack up then we left the house with, funny how that happens!

I would recommend the Brica Fold‘n Go Travel Bassinet to anyone with a baby, it is worth the money and made our vacation that much enjoyable with stress-free set up, take down, and a safe sleeping environment for our precious little boy!!

You can get the Brica Fold’n Go Travel Bassinet at Toys R Us

Brica Fold’n Go Travel Bassinet Review

fullsizerender3The Brica Fold’n Go Travel Bassinet not only looks pretty sleek but it also makes travelling with a baby easier. It is easy to unfold, just pull each side down flat and pull the sides up, and it all locks into place so you know that it is secure in the open position. It comes with a firm mattress and fitted sheet to provide a safe sleep environment for your little love, and both mattress and fitted sheet can be removed so that the sheet can be washed and mattress can be wiped for easy cleaning. Folding this bassinet back up is also just as easy, you just press a couple buttons, push it back up together, secure the Velcro strap to make sure it stays folded, and away you go! If anyone dislikes packing and unpacking like me, this is a hugely convenient feature, no more struggling with hard to set up/take down travel bassinets! I also love that this bassinet has the mesh siding, I always feel more comfortable when my baby is sleeping in something that allows for easier air flow, they will sleep better and so will you knowing that they are safe and comfortable.

As for actually hauling this around on travels, it passes my tests for ease and durability. I am a big fan of baby gear that you can easily carry with one hand, and this was definitely thought of during the design process. The Brica Fold’n Go Travel Bassinet comes with an easy carry handle and is light enough so that there is no need to try and juggle this under your arm while carrying other travel necessities. It also folds up nice and flat so it doesn’t take up much room at all during travel and during storage between your travelling times. And if you would like to get the most use out of it, it works great as a home bassinet, I just put mine out on the living room floor and my little one can have a nap while I get some housework done or catch up on some shows and maybe sneak in my own nap too!

The price point for the Brica Fold’n Go Travel Bassinet is also another highlight. You can get it at Babies R Us for $59.99. Purchase one for yourself or for someone you know that has or is going to have a baby, it is sure to be a favourite purchase!

Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear

Pampers’ new Easy Ups Training Underwear are now my newest favourite piece of toddler gear! We are lucky enough to be partnered with Pampers and get to try them with our two year old who wants to potty train but just hasn’t fully got the concept perfected yet.  From a parent’s standpoint I feel they have thought of all the checkpoints needed for potty training underwear: they offer a stretchy waistband that makes it easy to pull them up and down, extra absorb channels to catch leaks and distribute it evenly (no pools of wetness in one patch), dual leak-guard barriers so that nothing seeps out, easy tear sides so that when they need to be removed without being pulled down the legs you can do so, and they are super soft, just like cotton underwear.  Now for the real tester of them, my daughter, I can wholeheartedly tell you that she loves them and is so excited for HER underwear (she has an older sister and now, the fact that she has her very own, makes her beyond thrilled). She insists on putting them on all by herself and she is so excited by the fact that she can easily pull them down when she has to use the potty, and that is the clincher, she gets excited to use the potty because she can actually do it all herself! If you have ever potty trained, you know that getting your child EXCITED for anything to do with using the potty is pivotal in the process! Although our journey has only just begun towards our girl being perfectly potty trained, these new Easy Ups Training Underwear have got us off on a good start and I have a feeling they will be a big help through this journey!


Koba’s Great Big Show Live!

KOBAI got the chance to take my two girls, aged 2 and 4 to Koba’s Great Big Show here in Lethbridge and it is safe to say that they had an amazing time and were screaming with excitement as each new character came out on stage! There is something about being in a theater filled with children who are bursting with excitement, getting to see everyone from their favourite television shows come to life right in front of their very eyes.

The show started with Max and Ruby who got the kids all geared up, the Max’s dancing toys had my kids giggling and you could hear the laughter through the audience. Then Franklin and his friends got the audience involved in their fun games and even my 2 year old was trying to yell her answers (I found it completely adorable)! Next was Mike the Knight who got the kids excited with his bow and arrow skills, not to mention the excitement when his sister and her frog made their appearance. Finally was Backyardigans with their undersea adventure, not only did the kids love all of the sea creatures but, as a parent, I loved the dance that was used during the show!

All in all this was a great show for kids of all ages, I had many friends who also took their children and everyone loved it. Not only did the kids get to see their favourite characters in person but they had a great time singing and playing along with them, and bonus for the parents – both my kids had great naps after!!

BRICA Push to Close Extending Metal Gate

I honestly love the BRICA Push to Close Extending Metal Gate. This is the 3rd gate we have used and it is now my favorite!

I thought this gate would be hard to install but it was surprisingly fast and easy and only took one try, which wasn’t the case with the last gate we installed. Once installed, this gate is quite easy to master the opening and closing using the locking function but even my sneaky 4 year old can’t quite see what my fingers are doing each time I unlock it (and thus it stays locked). The fact that all you have to do is push it closed and it automatically locks is what makes this my favorite gate. With baby wrapped up in my arms I can just nudge this gate closed and I know it is secured, that security is a nice feeling for any parent!

I would recommend this gate to any parent, not only is it greatly functional and easy to use, but it is also a very sleek looking gate that would go with any home decor!


BRICA gate


This gate is available at Babies R Us for $59.99. It is exclusive to Babies R Us and just launched in late April.

City of Lethbridge Playground Passport

Now that we are half way through July, I know that things can become monotonous, the same walks to the same parks, same games to keep the kids busy, and so on. Well the City of Lethbridge has come up with a way to get you trying new parks in new areas – the City of Lethbridge Playground Passport

This passport lists 8 different playgrounds around the city for you and your kids to try out and has a question for you to answer about each playground. Just print off this passport and if you visit at least 6 of the playgrounds and answer the question for each of them, you can submit the passport to the city and be entered into a draw for a free swim and skate pass. Passports can be dropped off to the 2nd floor of City hall or scanned and emailed by September 30th, 2015.

What a great way to find and try new parks around this beautiful city, it’s fun for you and the kids!

If you were looking to try something a little different from a playground, I highly suggest both of our city`s Spray Parks. Gyro Spray park is located just behind Nicholas Sheran Leisure Centre (401 Laval Boulevard West) and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., weather permitting, from late May to early September. The other spray park we have is the Rotary Centennial Fountain, located in the Rotary Centennial Plaza in Galt Gardens (corner of 3rd Avenue and 7th Street South) and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., weather permitting, from late May to early September.

Get out and give these all a try, we have some wonderful playgrounds around the city for children of all ages and capabilities and the spray parks are a great way to cool off and have a wonderful time getting soaked!