Lloydminster Prenatal Review

I couldn’t find any prenatal class information on the website for the Lloydminster hospital, and since my husband and I just moved here from Saskatoon, we were considering driving back to Saskatoon to take them.

I decided to trust my gut and go with the Mommy Connections prenatal class, rather than the health district sponsored classes, and I’m really glad I did. Not only did I meet some really great women, with views very similar to my own, I was actually encouraged to see both sides of everything and do my own research.

Unlike the classes that many of my mommy friends have taken (where they were only given the medicalized version — and trust me, it’s not always about the well-being of mom and baby), I was given the basics and then given more resources that I used to research and form my own opinions. This was incredibly enlightening and empowering.

The “medical classes” (on labour, delivery, interventions, c-section and breast feeding) weren’t hugely in depth — but the basics were covered, and if you like to research and form you own conclusions, it’s all you need–just enough to get you started. And because these classes were limited, there was room to learn so much more about setting my baby up for a really good life. The non-medical prenatal classes gave my husband and I the information we needed so that we can cloth diaper our baby (saving major money and the Earth), have a Doula present (to keep both of us calm and well supported) and ensure that we take advantage of all the government help when setting up our educational fund (by someone who honestly cares about kids, and doesn’t charge astronomical fees like many other financial advisers).

These presenters were not the reason I decided to take this class, although I was swayed by the baby bump photos and the RESP information, because I thought I was just looking for the basic labour and delivery information. But I got that, and so much more.

I encourage anyone who is open minded and willing to do a little extra reading so that you can make empowered and informed choices about your labour, delivery and new bundle of joy, to take the Mommy Connections class. It’s designed for you.

Kimberly Englot –33 weeks pregnant

Life Coach & Founder of The Center for Authentic Self Development


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