My reflections of parenting…

On this day, 34 years ago, I was birthed by an amazing woman. Sadly, 21 years ago my father was tragically taken from us. Two years ago was my son’s “due date.” And last year it was during this time that my daughter was conceived. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on parenting and motherhood this week and I’ve made some simple, but powerful conclusions…
1. There are many choices that parents have to make EVERYDAY – make your best choice.
2. Everyone has an opionion on parenting and they’ll share it whether you want to hear it or not – listen. Their experience may lead to your next ah ha parenting moment.
3. There is NOTHING more important than the sparkle in a childs eye, wether it’s when they are testing their limits or saying they love you while nursing before they even have words – remember that sparkle.
4. A childs laugh or smile will brighten ANY situation – thank them for shareing their happiness with you.
5. An angels presence is felt when a child is in the room – trust me. I know my dad is helping us on our parenting journey everyday.
There have been moments that I have been frustrated, overwhelmed and even broken, but it is the choices, opinions, sparkles, angels and happiness that have brought me this far and that will continue to inspire.


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5 thoughts on “My reflections of parenting…

  1. I really enjoyed that post Delaina, definitely brought some tears to my eyes.

    I too lost Dad way before his time and feel his presence and seem him come to life in my own children.

    I hope you had a good birthday! Jenaya

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