Emotional Well-Being During Pregnancy

I believe in the importance of keeping oneself healthy, physically and mentally, during pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, I did everything in my power to stay healthy, as it wasn’t just important for my baby, it was important for me too. I did prenatal yoga, ate nutritional foods, walked as often as possibly, wrote down emotions I was going through to try and work through them (whether positive or negative), and talked to my spouse about all the changes that would be happening in our future.

Now that baby number two is on the way, I will admit, all the things I did during my first pregnancy, haven’t even fallen on my radar this time around. I was aware that I would be busy with my toddler, but I don’t think I fully knew HOW busy I’d be!

After I found out I was pregnant the second time, all the thoughts I had during my first pregnancy ran through my head. I immediately made the decision that I would go to the gym! Three days a week!  I am now 15 weeks along…and I can tell you, that I have not stepped into the gym once, and I LOVE going to the gym! I have discovered, that my workout is at home, with my 27lb toddler. I run around with her from the moment she wakes up, until she is comfy and cozy in her bed. I cannot tell you how many times I run up and down my stairs in a day, or lift her to go here or there.  Not to mention the workout I might endure during the night if she happens to make her way into my bed. I toss and turn, ducking and shielding her kicks and flailing arms!

Nutrition has been a difficult matter for me during this pregnancy. Each week seems to bring a different aversion to a particular food. I’ve gone through many food phases, such as the eating soda crackers and soup phase, the smoothie phase, the rice and veggie only phase. Now I am in the vegetarian phase. I haven’t touched meat in nearly 2 weeks. I find it very difficult, as I have never been a vegetarian. I am learning how to get my protein through different foods (as long as I can stomach them!). I am confident that I will love ALL foods at some point during this pregnancy!

Mental health is something I believe all moms, whether new or already in her groove, need to be aware of. I have spent the past 20 years writing in a journal as a way of releasing stress, coping, and learning about myself. Since my first baby, journaling has been pushed to the wayside, which has been difficult for me. As a way to cope, I decided to try talking to someone I didn’t know to try and cope with all the emotions and stresses that can come with having baby #2. This was terrifying for me, but it has turned out to be something wonderful that I did not expect. I believe talking to your spouse, family members and friends are also a wonderful way to get through any emotions one is going though, but sometimes it’s nice to chat with someone who knows nothing about you and can give you honest and straight forward feedback.

What do you do to keep you and your baby physically and mentally healthy during pregnancy?

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