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Why spend a fortune on cleaning products that introduce toxic chemicals into your living space? You can use simple ingredients, such as baking soda, lemons, and vinegar to make effective cleaners that work in every room of your house. Besides … Continue reading

It’s Not the Baby Blues: A PPD Overview

reprinted from Pregnancy books contain a lot of good information about pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. But none of them include much about postpartum mood disorders. Yes, they all talk about the baby blues. But those paragraphs (about … Continue reading

“The Nurturer” A New Lloydminster Publication

Mommy Connections is embarking on a new initiative for the area that will benefit businesses related to pregnancy, birth and families.  Mommy Connections will create a monthly publication, The Nurturer, to be distributed by email and print throughout Lloydminster, Vermilion, … Continue reading

Sponsorship Opportunities

Mommy Connections is an excellent tool to promote your business, product or service to your target demographic. By developing a strategic partnership with Mommy Connections you will be accessing a HUGE network of influential mom’s right in your own neighbourhood. MOMMY … Continue reading