A Lazy Mom’s Easter Egg Hunt Survival Guide

A Lazy Mom’s Easter Egg Hunt Survival Guide

Sure you can check out Pinterest and get a plethora of advice on how to throw the best ever Easter egg hunt. Or you could just call it in and do it the easy way. Less stress, and more time to eat chocolate – I consider that an egg-cellent plan (OK that’s enough puns, I swear).

First, pick up plastic eggs from a dollar store, or dig around in your basement for last year’s –I’ll wait. Also make sure you have some sort of basket or collection device. Really just use whatever’s handy!

Second, buy those cheap foil-wrapped chocolate eggs (and make sure you grab a bunch of quality chocolate – like the really good stuff).

Third, fill those plastic suckers with the cheap chocolate. Don’t go overboard. Just one or two in each egg should be enough.

Fourth, run around your backyard or living room (let the weather guide you on deciding this step) and hide the eggs! Or throw them willy-nilly, the kids probably won’t notice.

Fifth, sit back and let the kids loose. Put your feet up – you deserve it.

Sixth, eat your quality chocolate in secret. This is really important. Do not let your kids see the expensive stuff! You need the sugar rush and you don’t want to be caught with cheap pastel coloured foil under your nails – you’re classier than that.

Seventh, pat yourself on the back and make sure you have enough wine to get you through the inevitable sugar rush.

See, Easter can be easy! And the important part is that your kids will have a blast! They’ll have great memories of running around fighting each other over plastic eggs and you’ll have a tummy full of chocolate and wine. I call that a win. And extra points go to the mom who just chucks the eggs at dad and skips straight to the sixth step.

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