Summer Snacks

As a parent meal time can be incredibly stressful if you have picky eaters. One way to solve this issue is including your children in the snack creation process. If the children are able to have options and pick and choose they will be more likely to eat healthy.

Some healthier alternatives to snacks are:

  1. Watermelon Pizza: cutting slices of watermelon, topping it with yogurt and adding other fruits as the “toppings”.
  2. Marshmallows on a Stick: Wrap a piece of cheese in a turkey slice and stick that onto a pretzel stick. It turns into a perfectly browned marshmallow.
  3. Apple Snails: These go along with your themed weeks perfectly. Using a celery stick with cheese wiz spread onto it, stick an apple slice on the top of the cheese wiz and add pretzels as the antennas and raisins as the eyes. Using different fruits can create different animals.

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