Naked Pure & Natural Product Review

Naked Pure & Natural provide natural self-care products made with therapeutic grade essential oils and natural products. We tried the soothing diaper cream, sweet dreams spray and calming body spray. Shantelle, the owner of Naked Pure & Natural also included a brochure outlining what each product does and how it is safe for our bodies which I found extremely helpful in understanding the products.

The first product we tried out was the soothing diaper cream and it was wonderful to work with. It went on smoothly and did not leave that sticky residue like your traditional diaper creams. The shea butter has anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which will moisturize and help fight bacteria. The main ingredient that you can smell in this product is lavender which I know to be a calming oil, which is great for those irritated bums.

The sweet dreams spray is one that we use every night. I spray it on our pillows and on my daughters crib (very minimal amount)  just before bed time. The smell that stood out to me again was the lavender which helps to ensure a deeper and more restful sleep.

The calming body spray has helped in many stressful periods in life, especially the ones that parenting brings. This spray is perfect when you need a mini spa day but don’t have the time. Just a few sprays on your body and you will feel relaxed and relived of all your stress.

All in all I am happy with these products and feel confident using them on my daughter as well as myself because there are no harmful chemicals entering our bodies.

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