Let’s Make Trail-Mix!

As a parent, snack time can be challenging, especially when you have more than one kid. Sometimes it’s just best to let children pick their snacks. Choices can be great and most of the times both parties win! Making trail mix is quite simple. We usually add cheerios, pretzels and some chocolate. I like giving them a variety of snacks, a combination of sweet and healthy. This helps not only get the necessary nutrients they need but helps make the snack ten times tastier.

So, I usually separate the ingredients, putting them in bowls and then giving my children the choice to pick which snacks they like. My only rule is that they must choose two healthy snacks before choosing a tasty snack. Once they pick their snacks, they scoop them into their own bowls and munch away! Simple as that!

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Mom to Hunter (born March 2013) and Vivian (born October 2015). I was born and raised in London and can't wait to share everything London has to offer to its mamas!

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