Mommy Connection Fave 5-#1

First of all, I’d like to welcome you to our Fave 5 session. This session is going to have five separate blogs about different parks in London. Since London is a fairly big city with different areas, I’m going to try my best to share information about parks from all around London. Now that I’ve briefly explained the task, let’s read my first blog on one of my top five parks in London!

Consitution Park

So I’m fairly new to London and down the road is a park. The park is quiet, alongside a creek and connects to a few different pathways that connect to a trail. The park consists of a large soccer field, a playground, splash pad, a basketball court, and washrooms. There are cement pathways that make it accessible for strollers and wheelchairs.

I enjoy the park because it’s one of the first parks I ever visited in London. I take my dog there daily and we’ve established some relationships just from walking through the park. We’ve made friends and for me, that makes this park special.

Consitution park is in a quiet neighborhood in the northeast end of London. The people who typically come to this park are quiet, peaceful and there to enjoy their time with friends and families. Since the park is so close to a creek you often see animals  (i.e. ducks, turtles, birds, geese, etc.) being fed.

Overall, I decided to share this park with all of you because although it may not seem like much, I grew up next to a park similar to this and it brought back such good memories for me and I wanted to pass my experiences along so new memories could be created in a quiet environment.


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Mom to Hunter (born March 2013) and Vivian (born October 2015). I was born and raised in London and can't wait to share everything London has to offer to its mamas!

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