Tips before Going to the Farmer’s Market

Since it was such a beautiful weekend I decided to mosey down to Kitchener to go check out the St. Jacob’s Farmers Market. Now I haven’t been there in a few years, but man I forgot how big it has gotten. All the buildings have recently been renovated and the crowds are so busy. Since it is the season, I thought I’d share some tips with everyone.

Tip #1: Do not bring your dog(s). Now I know this may be tempting (trust me, big dog person, so I know) but it really limits where you can explore. Keep in mind that most markets I’ve been too have the option for indoor and outdoor vendors, and if pets are allowed on the property, they’re only allowed outdoors.

Tip #2: Browse around before shopping. A lot of vendors sell the same thing. Produce, veggies, fruit; but, their prices may vary. Whenever I go, I always look around and check out the quality, price, and quantity before buying. I once made the mistake of buying to flats of strawberries but realized three vendors down they were a better price and much better quality.

Tip #3: Always bring lots of reusable bags (or a stroller cart). The vendors will most likely have plastic bags, but carrying around all the individual bags makes it hard to shop, so I find by bringing a bigger bag, I have my hands much freer.

Tip #4: Set a budget and bring cash. Always bring cash to the market, because debit and credit machines are rarely used there. Also, I recommend setting a limit on how much you want to spend or you’ll easily go through $200+ without even realizing.

Tip #5: Wear Sunscreen. You’ll be out in the sun, so protect yourself. Wear sunscreen and possibly a hat. No sense in burning yourself while shopping for goodies!

Overall, I try to always remember this tips when going to the farmer’s market and I hope you will too!

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