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Welcome back to our latest Feature Friday. As you all know we have been interviewing local experts over the course of the summer and I have to say that a few weeks ago I opened this idea to Facebook and it has been a huge success. So today  I am pleased to welcome Charissa. Please read below to get to know a little bit about her!
How do you help people?
My name is Charissa Skinner and I am the owner of Crushed with Love Natural Vegan Skin Care here in London, Ontario. I also run the Facebook group “Inspiring Women in Business”, a host of the podcast #shescrushinit Inspiring Women in Business, along with coaching and training female entrepreneurs. I started my business just over 2 years ago when I was making scrubs and lip balms for family and friends at Christmas time. From there I decided to just go for it and start selling my items.
The way that Crushed With Love actually started was the thought of using a part of my proceeds to donate some fruit to my Kindergarten classroom so the children that did not have a healthy snack option could freely eat healthy fruit. This program I call “Fruit for Kindy Kids”. I am a Kindergarten teacher on my mat leave currently but returning back to work part-time in October and continuing with my business.
I also help people by starting a Grad Girl’s Project this year. It is a project where I organized some amazing local female entrepreneurs to come together and to treat two girls from a low-income household to have their whole grad experience free of charge (hair, makeup, nails, jewellery, corsage, professional photos, etc.). This past June was the first year and it was beyond what I ever envisioned!
The main product I make is aftercare for microblading and lip treatments, so my natural vegan balms help people with the healing process after they have had treatment done without having to use chemicals.
I recently started training and coaching women in business and absolutely love helping them to figure out what their next steps should be and how to overcome and blocks or fears they may be having.
What’s your favourite part about what you do?
Connecting with and making a difference in women’s lives is the best part about my business!
What are some of your hobbies?
Well, right now I am a mother of 3 young children so it is hard to find time to do the things I love to do! But my hobbies include, reading, watching movies, enjoying some reality tv, listening to podcasts, working out, and hanging out with friends and having girl time!
Where do you see yourself in five years?
In 5 years, I see myself leading other women and continuing to train and coach along with speaking opportunities and developing and delivering training courses geared to female entrepreneurs.
What was the hardest part about creating your business?
The hardest part about creating my business getting over the limiting beliefs and any fears I had at the start. (what people would think if people would buy from me, how would I get my name out there). But after I had one sale and then another that increased my confidence and was proof that I could create a business and that people would enjoy and appreciate what I created.
Is there anything else you would like to say?
We all have unique gifts and talents so if you do have any doubts or limiting beliefs remember that. Put your fears aside and get busy sharing them with the world because believe me there is no one else like you out there and the world needs what you have to offer!

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