Tips for a Weekend Away

We’re heading away this weekend just to spend some time as a family, and man I’m nervous about taking my kids with me. Typically it’s been day trips we go for and I already pack a ton of stuff to go away just for a day trip. Our only weekend trips have been off to their grandparent’s house and then I find that’s easier to plan for. But since we’re going away like a mini vacation for two days my mom gave me some tips on how to prepare and I’m passing them along because they were super useful when preparing for this trip.

1. You need fewer toys than you think. Because you’re going somewhere new, the most unexpected things become interesting.

2. Laundry soap—bring some in a baggie. Kids’ socks and underwear can easily get soiled, so it’s good fallback insurance to have some soap on hand when you run out of these essentials. Depending on your location, you might also want to bring a small ball of twine and some clothespins.

3. Just bring enough diapers for a few days. You can easily buy more wherever you are.

4. Save a special toy just for this trip. For us, a clean, fresh drawing notebook and some crayons do the trick for our artistic preschooler. Keep it small and easy, with minimal adult help needed. Books and drawing materials work well.

5. Pack some small kid-friendly snacks. Raisins and granola bars can stave off hunger when your little ones’ eating schedule doesn’t match with the restaurant’s; they hardly take up any space.  It will also save you money instead of buying overpriced snacks in tourist traps.

6. Only pack an umbrella stroller. If you have more than one stroller, just bring your small umbrella stroller. That’s really all you need.


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