Mini Pumpkin Crafts

Yes, I’m well aware that Halloween is over, so some of you may be thinking what a late idea this is as a craft. However, I thought this idea was cute and could be done as a regular fall craft.

What you’ll need to grab is some broken crayons, a glue gun, a blow dryer, and a garbage bag (to avoid melted wax all over your floors). First, place a garbage bag down on the surface you will be working on.  Then, peel broken crayons. Using a glue gun (adults only) secure broken crayon pieces to the mini pumpkin. Your crayon pieces should be about 1/2 inch long. The glue gun is necessary so that the crayons do not blow away. Turn on your hair dryer and point it directly above the crayons. It will take about 3 – 5 minutes for the crayons to completely melt, dripping down the crevices of the pumpkin.

Once the crayon is melted, you’ll have a wonderfully messy and creatively cute pumpkin for your decor!


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