Tea Light Snowman

I found these adorable tea lights on Pinterest and I just had to make them and share with everyone so here you go!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Battery operated tea lights
  • A Black Sharpie
  • Red Ribbon
  • Red Pipe Cleaners
  • Red Pom Poms
  • Black Felt
  • Orange Sharpie
  • Glue Gun

To make our snowman, you’ll first have to use the black Sharpie to draw a simple face onto the tea light. Then, using scissors, cut the pipe cleaners approximately 2.5 inches long. Curve the pipe cleaner around the tea light and then add a small line of hot glue on both ends to hold it in place (Don’t glue it the entire way around because you’ll need to be able to slide the ribbon under the pipe cleaner later). Using pompoms, glue them next to the pipe cleaner to create ear muffs.

Then, cut out a piece of ribbon to be approximately 4.5″ long. Then cross it over itself and add a small dab of hot glue to hold it together. When finished, add a small line of glue to the back of the “scarf” and glue it to the back of the tea light. Lastly, cut a small ribbon and place it under the pipe cleaner to hang the snowman up. (If you want, you can colour the tip of the tea light orange for the snowman to have a carrot nose)

Now you have an adorable snowman ornament that’ll light up.

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