Paper Plate Christmas Elf

I found this on Pinterest and I thought it would be fun to share!


  • Paper Plate x2
  • Kids Washable Paint
  • Cotton Wall Balls
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie


Step 1: To begin, mix the paints to create a skin tone and then paint half of the paper plate a skin coloured shade. Paint the other half of the plate a bright vibrant colour, filtering down the rim of the plate to create a ‘droopy’ hat shape.

Step 2: Add a few cotton wool balls to the hat, with an extra cotton wall ball added to the tip.

Step 3: Add some facial features! We added a big red nose and a pair of eyes, with a smiley face using a red paint and a sharpie. Of course, the Arty Crafty Kids can create their faces however they chose, and they could replace the black dotty eyes for googly eyes!

Step 4: Having mixed our paint on a paper plate, we then reused it to create the must-have Elf Ears!

Step 5: Cut out two ‘Elf Ear’ shapes and secure them onto the Elf with PVA glue, finishing off the Paper Plate Christmas Elf Craft.

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