Growing Apple Trees

Let’s start connecting to nature by growing some trees. Probably the easiest tree to grow from scratch would be an apple tree. Yes, an apple tree. This is very easy to do.

First, you grab an apple (I would eat it first but save the seeds!) After you’re done with the apple, collect the seeds and put them aside. Before growing your tree, the seeds must dry out. This will take a few days.

Once the seeds are dry, place them in a baggie with a wet paper towel. Leave the seeds in the refrigerator for a month, or until they start to sprout. As your seeds start to sprout, remove the seeds from the fridge and place them in a small cup with soil. The soil must stay moist for the seeds to grow.

As the seeds grow, transfer them into larger pots. We only recommend using one pot per seed, so the sprouts don’t compete for nutrients. When the plant reaches 2 feet, carefully transfer the sprouts outdoors in full sunlight, giving them enough room to grow.

1.3 Parallel Play
3.2 Expressive Language- Vocabulary, Conversation
4.3 Cause and Effect Exploration
5.2 Fine Motor- Tool use, Pincer Grasp
5.3 Senses- Exploration


Note: These crafts require adult supervision and guidance. Some assistance will be required.


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