Nature Blocks

Baby blocks are a common toy amongst infants. Usually, they have letters or numbers on them. However, these blocks are an easy and creative way to incorporate nature into the home.

The photo shows flowers, but you can put whatever materials you’d like into them. Pinecones, flowers, leaves, whatever can fit will entertain your little one.

So here is what you’ll need in order to make these baby blocks. First, you’ll need some naturalistic materials and some baby food containers. After the containers have been emptied and washed, put your naturalistic materials inside. Snap the lid and then you have your new baby blocks.
These are great and easy to make and will entertain the little ones for a while!

Note: These crafts require adult supervision and guidance. Some assistance will be required.


2.1 Expression of Emotion

3.1 Non-verbal Communication Skills- Simple Turn Taking

4.1 Attention Regulation
4.6 Object Permanence

5.1 Gross Motor- Reaching and Holding, Releasing Objects
5.2 Fine Motor- Palmer Grasp
5.3 Senses- Visual: Visual Exploration, Touch: Tactile Exploration




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