Painting with Mud

Kids love to play in the mud, so why not make an activity and let them get down and dirty!

This activity allows you and your kids to interact with nature and get dirty (or not) at the same time.
It’s fairly simple to make. All you need is some mud, water, food colouring, and liquid soap.

First, grab some bowls and scoop some mud into each of them. Squirt 2 tablespoons of food colouring into each bowl. Add a bit of water and soap to make the paint.

There you have it! Muddy paint.

Note: when playing with this paint, use cardstock or thicker paper. Regular paper will most likely rip.

Note: These crafts require adult supervision and guidance. Some assistance will be required.





2.2 Self-Regulation



4.5 Spatial Exploration



5.2 Fine Motor- Tool Use, Making a Mark

5.3 Senses-Exploration






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