Nature Based Sensory Bottles

Here’s an activity for the little ones to do! sensory bottles are great for infants. It allows them to explore new elements and create new experiences.

This activity allows them to explore naturalistic materials safely. By putting them in a bottle it removes the choking hazard and makes it safer to explore.

Now, these are fairly easy to make. First, grab any nature related materials you find. Rocks, seas shells, pine needles, these are all inexpensive and easy to find materials.

Once you gather your materials, you can combine these items, or you can put them in separate bottles. The decision is yours to make.

After the bottles are created, you can use them for a variety of things. Sensory bottles, decorations, etc. The decision is yours!

Note: these crafts require adult supervision and guidance. Some assistance will be required.



  • 2 Self-Regulation


  • 1 Attention Regulation


  • 1 Gross Motor- Reaching and Holding, Releasing Objects
  • 2 Fine Motor- Palmer Grasp
  • 3 Senses- Touch: Tactile Exploration






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