Grass Heads

What better way to connect with nature than bringing it indoors? This is a great craft to do with your little ones. Not only can you use recyclable materials, but you’re able to educate and show your children how to connect with nature on a basic level.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

• Old tights or stockings
• Fertilizer
• Grass seed
• Rubber bands
• Googly eyes
• A pot with no holes
• PVA glue

To create these beautiful heads, you’ll have to scoop 2-3 spoonsful of grass seeds into the stockings. Then, fill the stocking full of fertilizer and know the stocking so you don’t lose any of the seeds or dirt.
Once tied, shape the dirt into a head shape (the rounder the better).

Once you’ve created your shape, pinch some of the stockings to create a nose. Twist the elastic around to keep the nose steady (this may take a few tries). After the nose is formed, glue on your googly eyes and place it into a pot. Now you’ve created your very own grass head!

Social: 1.1 Social Interest
1.3 Parallel play
Cognitive: 4.3 Cause and Effect Exploration
Physical:5.2 Fine Motor- Tool Use, Pincer Grasp
5.3 Senses- Exploration, Sensory Motor Integration



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