Natural Paint Brushes

Leaves are great and have many uses. One of the uses can be for crafts. One of the easiest crafts to create are handmade paintbrushes.

These can be made using naturalistic materials such as leaves, twine and twigs. Parents’ will have to help create the brushes, but the painting portion can be left for the children.

To create the paintbrushes, you’ll have to layer the evergreen leaves around the base (which is the stick). Holding everything together, place the twine under your paintbrush. Gently put the paintbrush down and tie the twine around. After they’re knotted, the paint brushes are ready to be used.

1.1 Social Interest
1.2 Imitation
4.3 Cause and Effect Exploration
5.1 Gross Motor- Reaching and Holding
5.2 Fine Motor- Palmer Grasp, Holding and Using Tools
5.3 Senses- Touch: Tactile Exploration




Note: These crafts require adult supervision and guidance. Some assistance will be required.


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