Making Sweet Music Together

Singing softly and rocking back and forth was one of the only ways to soothe my new baby girl when she started her two-hour screaming marathon every night for the first three months of her life. As long as I didn’t sit down and was humming a little tune, she was content and I didn’t lose my sanity! Little did I know but her hearing (or auditory) system was one of the first senses to develop in the womb and she was comforted by my voice. Although I would have never made it past the first round of Canadian Idol, she thought I had a wonderful singing voice! Even now as a three year old, one of her favourite things is to dance around the room or belt out silly songs together in our loudest voice!

I recently had the honour of meeting the lovely Risa Waldman from Making Music Together at one of our Mommy Connections classes in north Toronto. Before she started her demo, the babies were restless and crying. You could feel the frustration level in the room rise but as soon as Risa started her demo, the babies instantly calmed and started cooing to the music. She took us through a series of fun songs that mesmerized the babies. We used props like shaker eggs and rainbow scarfs that captivated the babies’ attention.  Anyone listening in another room may have thought we were crazy but it was honestly so much fun to watch how the babies responded to the music and how their faces lit up with smiles!

There are over 45 Making Music Together classes all over Toronto. In her class, Risa and her colleagues teach moms and dads to connect with their children through sounds and singing. Most of the classes are mixed ages where siblings under 10 months are welcome for free. There are also a few babies only classes throughout north Toronto. Most classes start in the fall and are filling up quickly! To see the full schedule of Making Music Together Classes or to register, visit

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