Tasty and healthier Fudgesicle treat

There is no one that likes a good Popsicle treat more than me on a hot day. My kids however, think that a Popsicle is a well-balanced meal and ask for them all day long! So when a hot day hits (and we have had a lot of them this summer) I am always on the lookout for a healthy alternative to the sugar-filled store bought freezies and Popsicles.

I’ve experimented with a few online recipes, like frozen yogurt with pureed strawberries, but there has been only two healthier options that have pulled the wool over my picky-eaters eyes. The first is super simple that it’s laughable! I simply water down their favourite apple or orange juice and freeze.


The second one is my personal favourite because it’s like a tasty Fudgesicle and is also super easy. All I did was mix Chocolate Nutrimeal shake powder with milk and blend. Chocolate Nutrimeal just happens to be my breakfast of Champions every morning. It is low glycemic and has natural sweeteners rather than the store-bought ones.

Once blended, just pour into the Popsicle molds and freeze. It’s a delicious treat within a few hours. You can tell by their smilies that they are pretty excited about it!

I may have even snuck one or two for myself after the kids went to bed!

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