Fun in the Sun – Natural sunscreens you can feel good about!

I know that many parents have concerns about how to keep their little ones safe while they are playing outdoors, or simply just lying around looking adorable, in that glorious summer sunshine (Is it really here?? Am I just dreaming? Give me a little time, and like a true Canadian, I will soon start to complain about the heat).

Though we may be tempted to keep every last inch of their brand new skin fully covered and hidden away from the dangerous kiss of the suns powerful rays, it’s not always feasible. There may be times when there is no shade available, and you may need to use a sunscreen in small amounts as a last resort.

Luckily there are some excellent resources available to everyday parents, to help us out when we take on the daunting task – Finding a sunscreen that is actually safe to use on baby’s, children’s, teen’s, and let’s not forget our own (mother’s.. always going and taking care of everyone else first!) very precious skin.

And though there really is no fail safe answer, as everything has it’s pro’s and con’s, at least there are some great products available that don’t contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Here are a few of my favourite websites that you might like to check out, as they may help us make some more informed decisions (I’m not here to tell you how to live; I’m just a momma that likes sharing information, and believe that everyone should make their own decisions for themselves).

Environmental Working Group ( – Sun Safety, Practice Smart Sun. – Safer Sunscreen Cheat Sheet

Here is a link to one of my favourite online retailers,, where you can find some fantastic natural sunscreens, and one of their feature blogs on Sun Smarts. – Sunscreen

Have Sun Smarts: Protect Yourself & Your Littles, (a blog post for by Jennifer Hamilton)

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  1. Love being by the water, or wherever there’s a nice breeze, and I also love the shade! And air conditioned gyms

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