You Know You’re A Mom When…

Guest blog post by: Kirsten, Coffee With Chloe’s Mom

There are many telltale signs that I am a mom (e.g. I post way too many photos of my daughter on Instagram), but here are six things that have officially made me a mom of an under-2 year old.

I put random things in the fridge
Since becoming a mom I have put a whole bunch of strange things in the fridge without even realizing it. The other week my husband texted me at work wondering why an empty carton of yoghurt filled with vegetable scraps was in the fridge. A couple of weeks ago it was a pair of scissors.

I sing nursery songs on the street
My husband tells me I sound like Adam Sandler when I sing, but my daughter seems to love my tone-deaf songs. And I’ll do anything in an effort to stop her from having a meltdown on walks.

I do the ‘mom sway’
Even when I’m not holding my daughter, I find myself swaying side-to-side. I’m most likely to be found doing this in grocery store lines.

I eat off my child’s plate
I used to think it was gross, but now I find myself falling into this trap. I’ll eat the scraps off her plate. I’ll even admit here that I also eat half-chewed pieces of food when she hands them to me as part of ‘sharing’.

I randomly talk about nursing
Since returning to work I’ve found myself randomly talking about nursing and how I’m still doing it. Why do I do this? I have no clue.

I no longer have a name
Over the past few months, I’ve come to realize that my husband no longer refers to me by name. I just get called mom. I suppose there could be worse things to be called!


DSC_0155About Kirsten

Hi, Im Kirsten. A mom. A wife. A daughter. And someone who really loves to travel and hates mayonnaise. I also write a weekly newsletter called Coffee with Chloe’s mom and Instagram way too much.

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