Mom & Baby Programs

Mom and BabyOur Mommy Connections Mom & Baby programs connect new moms, with other moms and babies in their neighbourhood, that are going through the same developmental stages. As a group, our classes get to try out a variety of demonstrations of popular local mommy and me classes, and socialize while learning about all things relevant to life with a new baby in midtown Toronto.

Our program participants also get a curated swag bag full of product samples, and exclusive Mommy Connections discounts.

“I joined Mommy Connections Midtown with my second child but really wished I had joined when I had my first!  It’s a great way to meet other moms and get out of the house.  Catherine does a fantastic job creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.  I’ve even kept in touch with some of the moms I’ve met.  Plus, the sessions are always fun and informative!  I’ve learned some new things and have followed up with some of the presenters for their services.  I would definitely recommend joining to any new or not-so-new moms!” – Josie