Winter Baby/Child CRP & First Aid Training Workshop: Sunday January 26th (1:30-3:30)

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Join Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto and Emergency Response Training (ERT) for a Baby/Child CPR & First Aid training workshop!  This informative course consists of New Red Cross Standards, runs approximately 2 hours in length and finishes when participants feel confident with their CPR & First aid skills.

If you have never taken a CPR course focused on infants and toddlers I highly recommend this course! This sought-after instructor, Valerie Wood, is a mom herself and had to save her daughters life when she choked on a Baby Mum Mum biscuit. She brings a whole new perspective to CPR and it is truly life-changing.

❤️ This course is not designed to scare you, but to empower you, and teach you the life saving skills we hope you never have to use ❤️

The Baby/Child CPR & First Aid workshop includes:

  • Baby/Child CPR
  • Choking emergencies and common potential choking hazards for children & infants
  • Understanding SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome
  • Crib safety
  • Treating falls – signs & symptoms for concussions
  • Anaphylactic shock & epi pen usage/protocol (optional)
  • Severe allergies – what to look for and what to avoid (optional)
  • Fevers and febrile seizures (optional)
  • Accessing EMS – 911
  • Question/answer first aid session
  • Child safety hand-out (emailed after workshop completion)
  • After course email and phone forum open to any participants with first aid questions

When: Sunday, January 26th (1:30-3:30pm), 2020

Where: Tandem Studios, 3300 Yonge St

Cost: $45 + HST per person

Babies are welcome, but you may find it easier to concentrate if you’re able to make alternate arrangements for child care.

*Please note that this course is specially designed for new parents, grandparents, family members & caregivers. It does not provide certification*

If you have any questions, please contact  To finalize your order, please select ‘checkout’, in the pink shopping cart along right hand side of page (cancellation policy).

“We really enjoyed the CPR session yesterday. Valerie is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructor and we learned so much. Lots of practical advice, and well presented!”

– Past Participant

Price: $45.00