“I attended both the Mom & Baby class and the Mini-Movers class with my daughter and we loved the experience. It was my second child and I thought I knew it all yet I was blown away by the additional knowledge gained from each session from the guest speakers that were thoughtfully arranged from each class. It was nice to make connections with other moms in the neighbourhood, many of which have become friends and we now look forward to seeing each other at one of the many social events that Mommy Connections Midtown organizes. This is a great group to join and by joining, I also have access to so many fun events that take place throughout the year. Thank you!” – Nathalie

“As a first time mum, I was delighted to have had the opportunity to join Mom & Baby, Mini Movers and Travelling Tots. My daughter has literally grown with Mommy Connections! The resources provided and meeting professionals in all areas of parenting and family topics was invaluable. Most importantly, it was wonderful attribution for my wellbeing to socialize with other mums who were in the same stage of life and to spend quality time in a fun environment with my little one. I cannot recommend Mommy Connections enough.” – Olivia

“I started Mommy Connections Midtown after the birth of my third child, I found it very informative and welcoming. I absolutely love hearing the experts speak and my daughter loves the play classes and interaction with other babies. Catherine is an amazing support to the women in the community, she provides great tools and resources that they can use to help their growing families. I have continued to attend Mommy Connections after the birth of my fourth child, I have made lasting friendships and best of all we all enjoy the classes.” – Kelly

“I really enjoyed participating in Mommy Connections classes. The structure of having a guest speaker and an activity, was very insightful, engaging, and entertaining.  There was a lot of opportunity for questions, and the best practices shared amongst presenters and participants was invaluable for me as a first time mom.  My favourite part was getting to know the other participants and babies throughout the classes.  It was really nice to meet and connect with other new moms, and to build lasting friendships from such an early stage. To this day, I am still super close with them, and we all still keep in touch and meet on a regular basis. I am so glad I joined Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto!” – Kinga

“Mommy connections was where I met my amazing network of new friends. It was a great opportunity to connect with other Moms, let my baby explore and enjoy interesting guests.” – Roslyn

“The Mom & Baby class was the first (and best) class that I took after my first was born. The presentations were educational for mom and stimulating for baby! My daughter and I moved on to the Mini Movers class and also Traveling Tots with baby sister in tow. I have made some great friendships; not just through the classes, but through the fabulous Mommy Connections community as well.” – Nadia

“I have loved every moment at Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto programs & events. I always look forward to meeting new Moms, connecting with old friends & watching all of our little ones playing together. It’s a wonderful opportunity for mother’s & little ones to socialize.” – Bronwen

“Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto helped me connect with other moms, when I moved to Toronto, and didn’t know anyone in my area. It was great to get out and meet people, learn about available resources, and get ideas about activities to do with my baby” – Stacey

“We attended the Mom & Baby program, and then the Mini Movers program. Our regular play dates are with moms and babies that we have met though Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto. Mommy Connections is a great way to get to know moms in your area, with a baby about the same age. It’s also a fun way to learn about your baby and yourself, through speakers who are experts in their field.” – Gina

“One of the best decisions I made after the birth of my child, was to sign up for Mommy Connections. It helped me to get out of the house, and meet & connect with other new moms. To this day, I am still super close with them! I am so glad I joined Mommy Connections!” – Gio

“Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto was the light of my maternity leave! It was the best reason to leave the house on those “what is this baby and how do I fix it” days as well as the “I’m so good at this!” days, and I met great moms that I still enjoy hanging out with.” – Grace

“I joined mommy connections when my son was just a few months old and I was new to my neighbourhood. I learned a lot from the speakers and was able to meet a whole bunch of other moms in the neighbourhood that I still hang out with today. I am now expecting my second child and planning on joining this program again and would recommend this to any other mom looking for something fun to do with their baby.” – Jenny

“Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto’s classes were a life saver, and a great way to get me out of my un-washed un-kept at home bubble. The topics were always helpful and relevant, and I honesty would have gone crazy without something fun and informative to look forward to each week.” – Sarah

“I would definitely recommend Mommy Connections to any Mom looking to connect with other local Mom’s with small babies/toddlers. I learned a lot from the other Mom’s in the group, as well as the guest speakers every week. I liked that every week had a dedicated topic that was timely to what you were going through with your little one at that specific stage. It was fun, memorable and informative. Going every Friday was the highlight of my week with my daughter. I will definitely sign up again with Baby #2!” – Taryn

“Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto was a great program to get us out of the house! With Mommy Connections, we learned a lot of great information about caring for our babies & ourselves, and met some of our closest friends, whom we still meet with regularly for play & mommy dates.” – Stephanie

“Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto program was one of my highlights during maternity leave. I made new mom friends and learned about valuable resources in my neighbourhood. It was a great space to share your experiences and ask questions. My baby had a blast playing with others and making friends. Good times!” – Polina

“Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto was so important in helping become comfortable in my new role as a mother. Both the Mom & Baby and Traveling Tots were such a great way to meet other parents, and learns about my baby’s development.” – Sarah

“Mommy Connections was a great place to learn about a variety of baby-related topics in a fun and relaxed environment. My girls and I enjoyed meeting other people and making new friends.” – Liliana

“Mommy connections is the perfect way to meet other new moms in the area. I look forward to going to class each week and talking with other moms who are experiencing the same things I am. I enjoyed learning about different activities in the area that I can do with my son. We also gained some sleep training tips and created keepsakes that will last a lifetime.” – Renee

“I really enjoyed Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto with Catherine. The guest speakers were very informative. My favourite thing about Mommy Connections was meeting other first time moms, sharing our experiences, and creating lasting friendships for my baby and myself.” – Meredith

“As an RECE, I know how important it is for children to learn how to socialize with others, and was very determined to introduce this concept to my son as soon as possible. I am so glad I found Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto. Mommy Connections provided an opportunity not only for myself, but also for my son, to be around others. Thank you Mommy Connections for the wonderful programs and opportunities for my son to explore and grow.” – Lynn

“I can’t say enough about Mommy Connections Midtown! The programming is fun and educational, and the connections I have made are invaluable! I’m so thankful my daughter and I found this group! Now we have a whole network of Mommies an.d babies that I’m happy to call my friends. Catherine is an amazing program director and her little girl will be sure to make you smile. Thank you Mommy Connections! I recommend these programs to anybody who is pregnant, or is already a Mom.”  -Rebecca

“I absolutely loved the Mommy Connections Midtown Mom & Baby Program! The classes covered relevant baby related topics/issues, introduced me to a wide variety of baby programs/activities near my home and best of all, provided a wonderful place to meet fun, energetic new moms. I’ve already signed up for a few of the baby programs highlighted in the classes along with some of my new mommy friends. Our group of moms and babies even planned neighbourhood stroller walks together outside of the classes, and we’ve continued to get together weekly since our program sessions ended. I would highly recommend the Mommy Connections Midtown Mom & Baby Program! I don’t think there’s a better way to spend quality time with your new baby and make some new friends for both mommy and baby in the process!” – Chelsea

“I joined Mommy Connections Midtown with my second child but really wished I had joined when I had my first!  It’s a great way to meet other moms and get out of the house.  Catherine does a fantastic job creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.  I’ve even kept in touch with some of the moms I’ve met.  Plus, the sessions are always fun and informative!  I’ve learned some new things and have followed up with some of the presenters for their services.  I would definitely recommend joining to any new or not-so-new moms!” – Josie

“While I was on Maternity leave I joined Mommy Connections Midtown and I’m so glad that I did! Each week there was a new mom/baby relevant topic covered – ranging from baby sign language to post-natal fitness to baby wearing to sleep and more. I found the classes informative and a great way to connect‎ with other Mom’s. The environment was great for our little ones to play safely during our discussions and there was always play time for the at the end of the class which my daughter loved! Catherine is so resourceful and provides all kinds of great programs and information should you choose to stay connected after the program!” -Renata

“I’m so glad I signed up for Mommy Connections! It was a great way to get out of the house with the baby, learn new things and meet other moms.  I liked the variety of the classes and getting introduced to different services and programs available in the community for mommies and babies.  Catherine is awesome at organizing all of that for us and helping moms make new connections with each other.” – Mary

“I just wanted to say that the Mommy Connections Midtown classes are awesome! The information and contacts made are invaluable. I signed up my 4 month old baby for music class and swim class through the introductory sessions at Mommy Connections Midtown. Both classes have turned out to be so much fun. My son is 6 months old now and I have seen him grow developmentally. I’ve signed up for the Fall Term to continue both classes! Thanks for making the connection for us Catherine!” – Monica