Best Gifts for New Moms in #YEG this Christmas and Year-Round

Most friends and family mean well. They are so excited about the birth of a baby that they buy the cutest outfits they can find and gift them to new moms. While these gifts are lovely gestures, what moms need most isn’t really stuff for baby, but services for themselves that will help make life just a little bit easier. So much attention is paid to the baby, we often forget to check in and see how mom is doing. Her life has changed suddenly and adjusting isn’t always easy, nor is asking for help. Here’s our list of Christmas and shower gifts perfect for the new or veteran Edmonton and area mom in your life:

  • A hot meal – either prepare, pick up, or order a hot, healthy meal to be delivered to the mom in your life  **make sure you’re aware of any dietary restrictions
  • A Simpy Supper Edmonton or Dinner Factory St. Albert gift card for her to make her own meals ahead of time or better yet, gather a few friends and family and do it for her  ** make sure you’re aware of any dietary restrictions

  • A night out with her partner (if she’s ready to leave baby) – comedy club, movies, that includes babysitting from you or a great local service
  • Babysitting – offer to watch her baby or children when she needs so she can get stuff done, have a night out, or spend a little time on self-care – if you’re unable, pay for a great local service like Birdie Break

What would you add to this list?

Happy shopping!

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Former teacher. Wine lover. Health nut. Coffee fiend. Repurposer. Eco mama. Director of Mommy Connections Edmonton North & St. Albert. Momma to the craziest-haired girl and most charming boy around!

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