Feature Friday: Superior Shea Butter Blends

Choosing skincare products can be a daunting task especially if you’re looking for natural products that don’t irritate the skin. Luckily I stumbled across Superior Brand after looking on Etsy for some local handmade baby items.

I contacted Adriel who invited me down to his shop located in the heart of Downtown Brampton. Of course I chose to visit on what was possibly the coldest and windiest day of the year. So you can imagine me carrying Baby Bear in his car seat while I’m dressed in tights, thigh high boots, and an oversized sweater (because it’s the only presentable thing I own) scooting across Queen St. trying not to slip on patches of ice all while my freshly straightened hair attempted to strangle me – It was a comedy of errors! P.S. If we’ve had a business meeting you’re probably realizing that I may in fact wear the same thing every time I meet with someone! Don’t judge… my pre-baby clothes are still but a pipe dream.

But as usual, I digress…

When I walked into the Superior Brand shop, it smelled of the sweetest essential oils and was beautifully decorated with African sculptures (which are actually for sale). Adriel took the time to explain his process and even told me that he makes his shea butter mixes on site! He started to create his own shea butter mixes when he couldn’t find products that were suitable for his daughter’s eczema.

He has two main shea butter mixes – Shea on You and his Baby Blend. I’m not going to lie, the Baby Blend smells like shea butter BUT the Shea on You smells AMAZING! It doesn’t have a fake perfumy smell nor does it smell like woody essential oils. It almost smells like a fruity baby powder. I love it and now use it on all of the kids except Baby Bear. While essential oils are safe for babies, dosing varies and Adriel recommended waiting to use the Shea on You on Baby Bear until he was a little older.

Adriel was also kind enough to let me sample some of his soaps and lip balms. Papa Bear and I are IN LOVE with the lip balms. The one I use smells like sweet strawberries and Papa Bear says the one he uses smells like fresh coconut. They are super moisturizing and don’t make your lips tingle like some drugstore brands.

Papa Bear swiped the soaps before I could open them myself. He has now claimed the cucumber, aloe vera, and carrot mix for himself and says it’s soothing and refreshing. We’ve been using the oatmeal and African black soap bar for the kids’ bath time and have noticed how much more hydrating it is than the soaps we were using. Sister Bear no longer looks like we dunked her in chalk from the waist down!

I love that an array of different shops are making their way into Brampton. It’s so nice to be able to find handmade items right in your own backyard. I can’t wait to see what other gems I can uncover in our city.

Visit http://www.superiorbrand.ca to purchase online or better yet, go visit Adriel in his storefront located at 27 Queen St. E in Brampton.

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I’m Aly Tyghter, the Director of Mommy Connections Brampton. I am an Ontario Certified Teacher, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Online Wellness Content Creator, and Mom of 3!

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  1. YOU are a delight and a gem. Momma bear and her clan are always welcome at Superior Shea Butter Blends. You are a class act sis. I look forward to seeing you soon. Any thing that I can do to support events/workshops that you are doing is my pleasure! Keep me posted.

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