Spring Forward Detox Salad

Hands up if you’re a cranky mommy today! As if it’s not enough that children don’t sleep on a good day, we’ve now lost an hour of sleep which doesn’t seem like a big deal but in truth is a major deal. In a world wear my postpartum shedding isn’t threatening to bald me any day now, the lovely tiny humans I carried would just sleep until their regular time and all would be right with the world. Unless, of course, you’ve birthed children of the corn and they wake up an hour earlier to come stand beside your bed and stare into your soul. WTF kids?

…aaaannnnd to top it all off, most of you mamas are heading into March Break. High-friggin-five to the mamas who are soldiering through a two week march break like us over here!

Since we headed to Great Wolf Lodge last week for a few days with the kids, I decided that this was the week I get my life together and stop flying by the seat of my pants. I promised myself healthy meals all day and I even tried to meal prep for the week ahead. Papa Bear took last week off but this week it’s Mama Bear and the 3 tornadoes so I’ve got to be all the way ready for whatever these yahoos throw at me.

When dinner rolled around today, I was just about to chop up some cucumber to throw onto the kids’ plates when I realized we were sittin’ on two stalks of celery… who buys that much celery ever? So I decided to MacGyver a salad that took less than 5 minutes to throw together and was easily one of the best salads we’ve had.

I’ve dubbed it the detox salad as celery is an alkaline food which helps to balance the acidity in the body, which can be the culprit for many ailments and diseases. It’s also high in both fibre and water so it helps move things along in the body and reduce bloat! Celery has anti-inflammatory properties that can help combat swelling and tension in the body. Plus, you know what they say about an apple a day!

If you’re sick of your standard lettuce salad, this celery and apple mix is a crunchy and sweet twist on your traditional salad. It is refreshing, flavourful, and full of healthy goodness.

5-Minute (5 ingredient) Detox Salad [serves 4]


1 bunch celery

1 apple

2 tbsp olive oil (or coconut oil)

2 tbsp red wine vinegar

1.5 tsp maple syrup

How To:

  1. Remove leafy bits from celery and chop into small pieces
  2. Dice apple into small bite sized pieces
  3. Add celery and apple to a medium sized bowl
  4. Whisk oil, vinegar, and maple syrup in a small bowl
  5. Pour dressing onto salad and mix well!


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I’m Aly Tyghter, the Director of Mommy Connections Brampton. I am an Ontario Certified Teacher, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Online Wellness Content Creator, and Mom of 3!

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