All About Our West Brampton Location

When I brought Mommy Connections to Brampton, it wasn’t my direct intention to split our city into East and West Brampton, but as programing started to come together I realized how BIG our “small” city really is.

Our first group of Moms, who met at what is now our East Brampton location, some said they were heading in all way from as far as Mississauga Rd. and Southwest Caledon. As a mom of 3, I know how painful a drive across Brampton can be when there is traffic, construction, bad weather, or just clowns on the road (a daily occurrence).

I started looking for a West location almost immediately and was lucky enough to cross paths with Kidnetix Edu-Play Centre. We are in their large group room which has big windows making it a bright and airy space for our program.

Their mission, as noted on their site, is to improve the quality of life in children by increasing intellectual and physical growth through Edu-Play.

If you’re like me, a play place is a play place is a play place. Truth be told, if you’re lazy like me you’re just picking whatever play place is closest to home. BUT, Kidnetix has worked hard over the years to build a program that extends far beyond its functionality as a solely a play place.

So not only does Kidnetix house our West Brampton Mom & Baby Program, they have an array of other services available:

Edu-Play Program

As a teacher, I love that Kidnetix recognizes the need for rich educational tasks for young minds. They run a half day program that focuses on hands on learning right on site of their Edu-Play Centre.

It is run by a registered ECE so you can be sure that your children are learning from an Early Childhood Educator who has studied childhood development.

Indoor Play Centre

Did you know that Kidnetix has changed locations? Those of you who have lived in Brampton a while will remember Kidnetix’s old location on Bovaird but they’ve moved just up the road to 35 Van Kirk Drive. It’s significantly bigger and has a separate toddler area where your little ones can explore with children their own size.

What I really love about Kidnetix’s indoor play area is that there is a basketball arcade game (for basketball obsessed Brother Bear) as well as an indoor inflatable jumping castle (for high energy sister-bear).

Summer Camp

Look, I love my kids as much as the next mom but every now and again mama needs a break so take a load off and send the kids to camp for a week!

If you have children between the ages of 5-10, there are fun camp activities at Kidnetix this summer. There are cooperative Games, water activities, as well as trips to the ROM, Ripley’s Aquarium, Professor’s Lake and more!

Bazouka Ball

I’ve got a birthday coming up in July and no word of a lie, I seriously contemplated asking if I could have my adult birthday party in Kidnetix’s cool Bazouka Ball area. It’s a mix of lazer tag and paint ball all in one (without all the mess). If you have older kiddos, they’d absolutely love it for a birthday party!


West Brampton’s Program Facilitator

Now that you know where our West Brampton location is being held, it’s time for you to meet our awesome West Brampton Program Facilitator Shannon!

Shannon is a proud mommy and wife, fitness lover, fur baby mommy, tea lover, food lover and is super excited to meet our West Brampton (and South Caledon) mommies.

Shannon and her little man were part of our inaugural Mommy Connections Brampton class this winter and I’m excited for the energy she will bring to our West Brampton class this spring.

We are almost sold out of spots in our West Brampton location. Register today to avoid disappointment! It runs Wednesdays May 10th to June 28th, 2017 from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates on our classes as well as discounts and coupon codes.

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I’m Aly Tyghter, the Director of Mommy Connections Brampton. I am an Ontario Certified Teacher, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Online Wellness Content Creator, and Mom of 3!

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