Meet The Director

I’m Heather Saunders, the Director of Mommy Connections Oakville. I’m thrilled that the families of Oakville will have a chance to participate in these fantastic programs.

I currently live in downtown Oakville, together with my husband and three children. I was born in Toronto and didn’t leave until two years ago when we decided to move to Oakville. There is something special about this town that draws people in. Perhaps it’s the beautiful trees, living by the lake, the slower pace or even the quick commute to the city. Whatever it is, it’s a lovely place to live and grow a family. Coming from a corporate background, I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to create a work life balance that suits my family. Mommy Connections is the perfect fit!

I personally attended Mommy Connections with my first daughter when she was a newborn, and the impact was ever lasting. I’m happy to say that the friends I made years ago, are still in my life now. The bonds that are made at this very important time in our lives are stronger than I ever anticipated. The presenters provided us with useful information and great fitness classes. Each week, we learned, we socialized, we laughed and best of all, our babies were friends too!

My goal is to provide exceptional programming for each and every parent that attends our programs. I hope that every family has the same great experience that I did.

Looking forward to meeting you all!