Mom To Be Programs

Mom To BeMommy Connections Mom To Be Classes introduce soon-to-be moms to a variety of topics including nutrition, labour and delivery, lactation, newborn care, and beyond.

You’ll have the opportunity to speak with leading local experts, and ask your important questions directly within a discussion style forum.  You’ll also try some fun activities like pre natal pilates and fitness.

This women only program offers a supportive environment to connect with other expectant moms in your area and hear about all of the great services and programs that are available to you within Oakville and the surrounding areas!

See below what previous Mom to Be participants have said about our program:

“I am so happy that I signed up to be a part of the Mommy to Be classes. I learned more than I ever expected too through the sessions I attended. Maria from “The New Mummy Company” is an sweetheart and will let you in on so many secrets to parenting. My confidence has been increased, and I’m thrilled to know that I have some tricks up my sleeve for when baby is born. The lovely gift bags were received throughout the month were also a new mom’s dream. Thank you for everything Carrie and Maria, and the rest of the lovely speakers that came to join us.” – Aneta

“The peace of mind that came with attending the classes was priceless. I feel so much more well equipped to handle the upcoming birth of my first baby. I found the classes practical and the information invaluable. I would recommend these classes to any first time parent…or in fact, any parent. I have shared the information with friends and family who have children and they wished that they had the benefit of the knowledge before they had their children.” – Karie-Ann

Please note that this course is designed to compliment a traditional Lamaze / hospital Pre Natal course, not to replace it.