Travelling Tot

A uniquely structured weekly program offers a place for both parents and toddlers to play, learn and develop.

Mommy Connections is built by parents for parents, so we knew there a need to extend our programs beyond baby age. We are so excited to offer Toddler Connections in many of our communities. This is a 6 week program that a parent and toddler (18m-4 years) take together. Every week you try a different program in your community with your little one. The benefit of this is that you can see what is available in your community and assess whether or not your child may like to enroll in the future, but you do this within the comfort of the same group of parents and children. You are getting to connect with other adults who get it, while your child is working on social skill development with you by their side to assist.

Every one of our programs includes a professional photo shoot and swag bag with our tot program being no exception.

If you have a tot and baby, this is also a perfect time to navigate the new challenges that come with activities with TWO kiddos. Many of your parent peers in the programs are also experiencing the same challenges, so it is a great space to feel comfortable to figure it out together.

It is a fun filled, social (for both parent and child) and interesting program.


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