Feature Friday: Butter & Cup Caledon

It all started with a scone!

Last week my girlfriends and I took our babies for a swim play date and one of our mama friends decided to introduce us to scones from Butter & Cup Bakery and Coffee Co. I’m not sure I really thought twice about them as I’ve never had a scone I enjoyed.

When I picked up my scone, the first thing I noticed was that it was literally the size of my hand! I have big man hands so that should tell you how sizeable they are. I immediately group text my girlfriends proclaiming my love for the amazing new scone I inhaled!

For those of you who know anything about me, you know that I have a mildly intensely addictive personality. One bite of the scone and I was hooked. I went back a few days later on a mission to see what other kinds of scones were available to feed my addiction.

Butter & Cup Bakery and Coffee Co. is located in the Southfields Village area of West Caledon. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this growing town and their own little ‘Central Perk’ is the perfect addition to a space that is so community focused.

During the summer, they’re open until 8:00 p.m. and offer a space for local musicians to play. It’s great for musicians and patrons alike!

The first time I went, it was pretty busy so my mission was just to get my scones and get out. Neither Genevieve nor Mike (the owners) were in when I was there so I don’t think anyone was keen to make any extra conversation. However, this week when my husband asked me where I wanted to go to breakfast for my birthday, I immediately said Butter & Cup. We went pretty early in the morning and it was much quieter (very much my speed). Mike was in this time when we arrived and immediately greeted us with a smile and a warm welcome. He of course took the time to make friends with Baby Bear, which I always appreciate.

I love how quaint the shop is. It has such a welcoming vibe and it has a hometown feel that you can only get from a shop in Caledon. From the handwritten chalkboard menus, to the big bright windows, to the handmade baked goods, this shop is a real gem.

When we arrived, I immediately darted over to the scone case to check out what was on tap for the day. One thing you should know about Butter and Cup’s scones is that there are different daily features. There are, of course, some staples but there are a few special scones that appear on rotation.

I should probably be clear that they have more than just scones, they sell sandwiches, coffee, tea, frozen drinks and other delicious looking baked goods!

We ordered 1 cinnamon bun, 1 slushie, and 3 scones: Raspberry White Chocolate, Cheddar & Chive, and Maple Toffee.

I didn’t sample the cinnamon bun but I did give each scone a taste (and by taste I mean I ate 2/3). The amazing thing about these scones is that they’re not rock hard and crumbly like many others I’ve tasted. They soft, like a biscuit would be and each had its own decadent flavour. I already told you how I feel about the Cheddar and Chive but my new favourite is the Maple Toffee. It wasn’t overly sweet (which I love) and had maple and toffee undertones. The nutritionista in me is not a fan of excessive sugar so this towed the line very nicely, which is why it works as a breakfast treat.

We had planned to take some goodies home for later in the day but that clearly didn’t happen. We ate everything in one shot (don’t judge!)

Did I mention, they also serve gelato and ice cream? I’m saving that treat for my next trip!

I’m not absolutely obsessed with Butter & Cup Bakery and Coffee Co. and have to fight myself daily not to inhale scones by the dozen. To anyone who is up for a short trip to Caledon this place is HIGHLY recommended!

Have you been to Butter & Cup? What’s your go-to order? Do you have a local favourite bakery or coffee shop in your hometown?

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    • I haven’t tried any yet but I’ve heard good things about it. It’s locally roasted, organic, and fairtrade so that’s always a bonus in my books!

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