Guest Post: What is Self-Care?

I love when our programs come full circle! Yesterday we welcomed two new groups of mommies into our Mom & Baby programs in East and West Brampton. Our West Brampton group was fortunate enough hear from Paitra Surerus-Marsh from Piece of Mind Counselling. Paitra holds a Masters in Psychology and is a registered Psychotherapist. She is a first time mom to a beautiful baby girl and is also a Mommy Connections North Peel alumnus. We’re so excited to have her as part of our presenter panel this fall!

Paitra from Piece of Mind Counselling – photograph c/o Nadia Gabriela Photography


Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Even if it’s something you’ve wanted your entire life or tried extremely hard to make happen, as every mother will you, it’s hard work. Not the kind of work that makes you spend your time looking for another job while you curse your boss under your breath (although there will be cursing). The kind of job that requires all of your mental focus and every ounce of your energy. The hardest part is that the job is the best one you’ve ever had so it becomes all consuming. So consuming that you forget to take a break and look after yourself.

So how can you make sure that you are keeping yourself healthy so that you can be the best version of yourself? A little bit of self-care goes a long way!

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Paitra Surerus-Marsh MA. Psych, RP, OACCPP with an introduction to self-care.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is taking “you” time by taking proper care of yourself. This involves your physical, psychological/ mental, emotional, spiritual and professional.

Examples Include:

Physical: exercise, nutrition, doctor’s appt’s;

Psychological:  is taking time to write in a journal, see a counsellor, self reflection; Emotional: spending time with people you enjoy, practicing self-compassion, allowing yourself to cry

Spiritual: can be being part of a spiritual community, or can be spending time in nature, meditation

Professional: taking breaks at work, setting limits

Good self-care can lead to an improved mood and reduction of anxiety; it also improves our relationship with ourselves and in turn with others.

Self-care should not take from you, it should refuel you. It also isn’t selfish, it is something to take better care of yourself in order to be able to take care of others.

Self-care takes practice!

For a list of self-care tips for moms visit:

You can find Paitra and Piece of Mind Counselling here:
Instagram: pieceofmindcounselling


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