Early Childhood Development with Pint Sized Prodigy

As a teacher, I’m always looking for creative and fun ways to foster a love of learning in my children. With one tiny human running around it was a bit easier to find the time to create fun and educational experiences for my children; but as the number of children in our house grew, my “extra” time decreased.

Cue: Pint Sized Prodigy!

Pint Sized Prodigy offers hand-picked educational toys and activities that support early brain development for babies and children alike. Sandy (the owner) is a clinical researcher and mom of 2!

I met Sandy when our kids were in the same class and was so thrilled when she asked if I’d be interested in trying out a mini prodigy pack with the 3 bears!

I love how thoughtful the curation of materials is. My pack came with a book, a magnifying glass, and several activities to participate in with the kids. My favourite part is that it includes nature based activities that get the kids outside. I feel like sometimes my kids don’t spend enough time outside so this was a great way to get us outside with a purpose.

We first read the book and learned all about bugs. The last page of the book asks what bugs you can find in your backyard so off we went. We started with a nature hunt which got them looking for the bugs in their book as well as the beautiful Fall leaves (even though the weather has been gorgeous). Once they were done looking for different colour leaves, we raked them all up and had fun jumping in them. The best learning is done through play.

We didn’t plow through the kit all in one day as I like to give my children time to absorb the concepts. The next day when we continue, I ask them what they remember and allow them to ask their questions about anything related to our nature hunt which is a great way to build their comprehension and cognitive skills. We worked our way through the rest of the materials one day at a time whenever time permitted. It was a great way to fill up that time between dinner and bed time when typically we’d go a little TV happy.

We must have made a million of these little crafty drawings once the kids got the hang of it.

The only thing I might recommend is that the cards come a little smaller and maybe on a key ring of sorts. We are notorious for losing things in this house so anything that isn’t clipped together is likely going bye bye.

The learning cards were great because they were activities perfect for Sister Bear where the book and magnifying glass were great for the boys since they’re a little younger. I loved that it was something that could be used with all 3 kiddos. There’s nothing harder than trying to teach a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old, and an 11-month-old simultaneously. You can tell that Sandy is a mom who gets it!

The Mini Prodigy Pack I reviewed retails for $29.99. All Prodigy Packs include activities that are thoroughly researched and designed to provide your child with an exciting and fun learning experience. A ‘Note to parents’ section explains how the activity supports your child’s development and provides ideas on how to further extend lessons and how to tailor them to different age groups to enable you to make the most of your Mini Prodigy Pack.

Visit https://pintsizedprodigy.ca/ to find out more about their products and how you can support your baby or toddlers early brain development!

Edit November 10, 2017 – Pint Sized Prodigy now offers Baby Development Classes at Tiny Town Vaughan on Saturdays.

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