Convenient Blood Work at Home with Life Labs

I don’t know about you but I never get blood work done. I must have a lifetime’s worth of requisitions just sitting around waiting to be done; it’s awful I know. The only time I’m ever truly diligent in getting my blood work done is when I’m pregnant. Truthfully, I can’t wrap my head around the idea of waiting in a clinic for hours on end and popping in and out to see if they’re busy… it’s too much!

So, when I heard that I could get blood work done at home, you know I was all over that! LifeLabs’ MyVisit™, blood work, ECG, and holter monitoring comes to your home at a time that works for you to do your blood work, ECG, and holter monitoring. How perfect is that for busy moms like us? I don’t know about you but as a mom of 3, I am never in the mood to drag 3 tiny humans anywhere, much less to a place where there are needles present. This service is awesome because I can put Paw Patrol on the TV while one child gets their blood work done and the others can go play without the risk of smashing into strangers as my children often do.

It was super easy to book, I went online to and filled out the online form – you can choose the day and the time period that’s most convenient for you. I then received a confirmation email, and was contacted by phone to confirm the appointment. LifeLabs gives you a 2-hour window of time for when the mobile licensed phlebotomy technician (MLTP) will show up, which was perfect because it gave me some time to clean up around the house instead of packing up the kids, driving to a location, and wasting time in a lobby playing Candy Crush.

When the MLPT arrived, she was super friendly and well prepared. She had her kit including sterile gloves, needles, blood sample tubes, and a needle disposal bucket to keep things sanitary, safe and secure.

I wish this service had been available when I was pregnant with any one of my 3 kiddos, especially baby 3 when I had to lug my pregnant belly plus a 3-year-old and 1-year-old to the lab with me… talk about game changer!

For more information about LifeLabs’ MyVisit™ or to book an appointment, check out

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