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Big thank you to everyone who came out to our Wellness Event on February 27th! This is the second time we have offered this session and it was a great success. Not only did everyone learn some very valuable information, but we collected donations for The Pregnancy Care Network as well! We will continue to do this event twice a year so watch for it again in the fall. Participants also received swag bags and we did draws for door prizes!

We heard from 3 expert speakers. First from Adina Armstrong from Primerica as she talked about investing, RSP’s, RESP’s and getting out of debt. Money isn’t always a fun topic but Adina makes it interactive and gives so much great information! She is very laid back and has a no pressure approach. She has been into my house to talk to my husband and I and everytime I feel more educated about money.

Next we had Jasmine Lyster from Moonlily Wellness and she talked about essential oil safety. There is lots of conflicting information out there these days about what is safe especially around children and pets. Jasmine is a certified aromatherapist and makes essential oils easy to use! She also has an amazing kids line called Lua Kids where every blend is safe for your children.

Last we had Dr. Joelle Johnson from Family First Chiropractic talk about first aid. She covered many different topics including fractures and joint injuries, wound care and bleeding, shock, allergic reactions, bug bites, burns and heat injuries. Dr. Joelle has a very natural approach to first aid using essential oils and homeopathic remedies where she can.

Continue checking in on our page or Facebook page for more information on the next Wellness Event coming this fall.

About Brittany McCoy

My name is Brittany McCoy and I am the mother of 2 beautiful children with my husband Brady. After a stressful pregnancy and even more stressful labour and delivery, I gave birth to our son Colt. We spent the first 4 days in NICU and my journey as a mother was suddenly filled with so many questions. I realized then that I didn't know anything like I thought I did! Within the first few months I found Mommy Connections and took our first class. There was so much information and I finally got to have some adult conversation. Not long after starting the program, I started battling post partum depression. This class gave me a reason to get out and I found there were other moms that were struggling with the same thing I was. I couldn't wait to sign up for our next class! The program started me on a journey to learn as much as I can about my children and what is best for them. When Colt was a year and a half I became pregnant again. This pregnancy was night and day different from my pregnancy with Colt. Stress free, easy and uncomplicated! And thankful, so was the labour and delivery. I'm talking 6 hours compared to the previous 56 hours! I had a beautiful healing birth of our daughter Ashlyn. I am so excited to be the new director for Mommy Connections Red Deer. To offer moms to be and new moms and all moms a chance to learn and meet others in the same situation and experiencing the same struggles, day in and day out. I strive to create a space and time for interaction between moms and babies and to learn about new and exciting products and programs in our community. My job isn't complete until I have created a sense of community amongst the moms in each group

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