Mommy Connections Red Deer Testimonials

We have been so lucky to work with so many moms in the Central Alberta area in the past few years! Some of these moms have been so wonderful to send us testimonials of their experiences with us. Read on to hear what moms are saying!

“Joining the mom and baby group has been one of the best decisions i have made since having a baby. When i first became a mom my anxiety was through the roof and i found myself staying at home all the time. When a friend asked me to take this class with her i was quite nervous. After taking the first class i found myself counting down the days until the next class! My son had such a blast and being able to hang out with a bunch of amazing moms going through the same things as me was such a relief. I would 100% recommend this class! And i can’t wait for the next group to start! ”

“I’m so happy I signed up for mommy connections with my daughter. I was alittle hesitant signing up not knowing what to expect. The mommas I met in our September class were amazing. Everyone was so supportive and very friendly! To this day we still get together almost once a week with our kiddos and even moms night out once in a while! It’s so nice to see all the babes growing up together! Brittany was also an amazing instructor so knowledgeable and very welcoming. I would recommend this class 100 percent! ”

“I really struggled with my newly acquired mom life in the first few months after my son came into the world. Taking part in the Mom and Baby program allowed me to socialize with other moms and helped me realize that my feelings were not uncommon and I was not alone. Just having others to talk to that were going through the same thing greatly improved my outlook and allowed me to be a more positive person. Brittany does a fabulous job of organizing interesting and relevant presenters from the community and there was not a single class where I felt at all bored, not to mention all the wicked free stuff we got! This program has allowed me to make lasting friendships and for that I will be forever greatful. We even have a Facebook group that we use to boast, complain, share ideas and ask questions! I will definitely be recommending this program to all my new mommy friends. Thanks for everything Brittany!”

“I really stepped out of my comfort zone when I signed up for the Mom & Baby program – I’m shy and meeting new people is kind of daunting for me. I quickly realized this class would be a wonderful experience; each week we had presenters from the community who did fun program demos and gave us information about all sorts of baby topics. The best part was connecting with other Moms; sharing our experiences and supporting each other during the challenges of parenting. Even now, months later, the Moms from my group still keep in touch and have play dates.  I definitely recommend the Mom & Baby program for anyone who has a new baby. ”

“I started the mom & baby program with my then 5 month old daughter in fall 2018. I joined the program because I wanted to meet new moms in the area. The program far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I make some lifelong friends for myself and my daughter, we also received a lot of valuable information about services and products available locally. Our fall 2018 mom group still continues to meet up weekly and we occasionally have baby free outings! I’m so happy I found mommy connections and definitely recommend it to any new mom!”

“I just wanted to leave you a note and tell you how much fun the baby & mommy class was. You do such an amazing job running the class and I appreciated being able to connect with not only moms but different baby related businesses in Red Deer. Not only did I learn so much from the presenters about all things parenting, but my 4 month old at the time loved all the presenters that came with songs and games! I met so many amazing moms who I am now friends with, and continue to see multiple times a month! I would definitely recommend this program to new moms trying to meet other new moms, new moms wanting information about different baby/postpartum related business, or moms just wanting to get out of the house! It’s also so nice to have a nonjudgemental atmosphere as well! Loved it, and would recommend the class to everyone!!”

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About Brittany McCoy

My name is Brittany McCoy and I am the mother of 2 beautiful children with my husband Brady. After a stressful pregnancy and even more stressful labour and delivery, I gave birth to our son Colt. We spent the first 4 days in NICU and my journey as a mother was suddenly filled with so many questions. I realized then that I didn't know anything like I thought I did! Within the first few months I found Mommy Connections and took our first class. There was so much information and I finally got to have some adult conversation. Not long after starting the program, I started battling post partum depression. This class gave me a reason to get out and I found there were other moms that were struggling with the same thing I was. I couldn't wait to sign up for our next class! The program started me on a journey to learn as much as I can about my children and what is best for them. When Colt was a year and a half I became pregnant again. This pregnancy was night and day different from my pregnancy with Colt. Stress free, easy and uncomplicated! And thankful, so was the labour and delivery. I'm talking 6 hours compared to the previous 56 hours! I had a beautiful healing birth of our daughter Ashlyn. I am so excited to be the new director for Mommy Connections Red Deer. To offer moms to be and new moms and all moms a chance to learn and meet others in the same situation and experiencing the same struggles, day in and day out. I strive to create a space and time for interaction between moms and babies and to learn about new and exciting products and programs in our community. My job isn't complete until I have created a sense of community amongst the moms in each group

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