The Work-at-Home Mom’s Guide to Getting in a Nap for Yourself

The days are long but the years are short… True. The days are sooooo long sometimes. And all you want is a little bit of rest. Take it from this work-at-home mama who has babies 18-months apart – it’s okay to get the rest you need.  Here’s my fool-proof guide for taking 20 when you just really need some shut-eye.

Step One: Snacks.

Get some safe snacks ready for the kids.  In our house we like cheese and crackers, cheese strings, granola bars, and veggie straws.  Anything that you are fairly confident they won’t choke on.

Step Two: Drinks.

Fill their cups up. Make sure they won’t famish away while you close your eyes for twenty minutes.

Step Three: Safety.

Gate off any area of the house where they can’t be.  Secure cupboards that they shouldn’t get into. Put the remotes up high so they don’t mess with the TV.  Make sure anything of value is also out of their reach.  The safety of your material items is clearly as important as the safety of the human beings.

Step Four:  The Zone.

Strategically plan your spot on the couch so when you open your eyes just a slit you can see the children wherever they are in the room.  Get a comfy pillow and a soft blanket. My favourite is the Paw Patrol blanket from Costco.  The best.

Step Five: Netflix.

Paw Patrol. Peppa Pig. Whatever is the hit in your house at the time.  Turn the volume on low so it doesn’t interrupt your nap but the kids can still kind of hear it if they are really quiet too.

Step Six: Lay down.

Fall asleep as quickly as you can so you can maximize the time you have before they start to melt down or require assistance.  If the kids are feeling like they need a break, have them lay with you because that might get you an extra ten minutes.  Believe me, those ten minutes are GOLD.

Step Seven: Come back alive.

When you wake up, prepare for your house to be destroyed and your kids to have ALL THE NEEDS because you ignored them for twenty minutes of their lives.


How do you get in some extra rest on the days you need it?


*Please note: Jaclyn is not a sleep professional nor is she a professional mother. Please follow this guide to your own discretion and do not leave your children unsupervised in circumstances you don’t feel comfortable with.  Parenting is a tough gig. Do what you need to do to get by while always having your child’s safety as a priority.

About Jaclyn

I am the mommy of Everly and Harlow, the wife of Brett, and was a teacher in my former life. I grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with my mom, stepdad, and my two younger sisters. I come from a big, blended family, and love to spend time with everyone as often as I can. Some of my hobbies are reading, crafting, and watching awful reality TV.

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