It’s Time for A Change (and I’m Readi)

I have been overweight my whole life.  Well maybe not my whole life, but my whole life as a teenager and adult.  I have always had a bad relationship with food and been an overeater.  I have done all sorts of dieting and plans and trying to change my mentality and I’ve lost a few pounds but then gained more back shortly after.  I love carbs and sweets and snacks and pop.  Basically I just love food. I hate going outside and exercise and doing anything I know in my head is good for my body. I honestly struggle so much with all of it in my head every single day.  As I’m eating McDonald’s I will say to myself “Jac, this is bad for you. You don’t need this. You feel like crap all the time. This isn’t helping. Blah blah blah.”  And it is like it goes in one ear and out the other and I continue to make the poor choices for my body anyway.

I am so afraid to teach my kids these habits and to make poor food choices the norm in our household. One of my biggest fears for my kids is to spend their life worried about their weight and focused on a number or on the size of their clothes. I want them to have a good relationship with food – one where they put good things into their bodies because it makes their bodies feel good and they understand moderation with treats.  I want them to feel healthy.  And strong.  I don’t want them to stress about getting pregnant, staying pregnant, nursing their babies, carrying their babies, playing with their babies.  I don’t want them to stress about becoming a parent because they are scared they won’t be able to keep up.  It’s all just so overwhelming and when I start to talk about it I just feel so damn sad.  I don’t want them to feel all of these things, yet I continue to do things to my body that make me feel this way every fricken day.

I’m done. I’m done feeling like crap. I’m done being scared of the day my daughters ask me to play on the parent’s team for their soccer windup. I’m done feeling sad about the day that we take my girls to Disneyland for the first time and I can’t ride on the rides with them. Or sit comfortably in the plane.  I am so done feeling like I need to nap with them everyday because I’m so exhausted.  I’m tired of dreading going back upstairs when I realize I’ve forgotten socks.  I’m sick of making sure I’m wearing the appropriate clothes for me to wrap my babies up in their carrier so I don’t feel super insecure about the way we look when my body is actually doing such an incredible thing carrying them.  I’m over the binge-eating and feeling sick to my stomach but still wanting to eat more.  I am just so done with being fat.

So I found Little Black Dress with Readiness Fitness.  When I first started reading about it I feared it was just another plan that I wouldn’t be able to follow and I wouldn’t follow through on.  But the more I read and the more women I found who have taken the program, the more I realize it isn’t just a program – it’s a full-on support system.  A team of women who have all struggled with their weight or their strength or their health. It’s a team of women who are all ready for a change.  The owner of Readiness Fitness – Tracy Read – is a former overweight woman herself and really understands what it’s like to struggle with her weight and to struggle with these changes that our bodies are begging for.  So she gets it. And everything I have heard about her trainers is so positive.  They are supportive and fun and accommodating. I have always been so scared to go to classes at gyms because I know I am not fit enough to do them the way they are supposed to be done but the positivity that comes from the women who have attended this gym make me excited to take classes and learn there.

So I signed up. I am doing Little Black Dress (LBD) 6.0.  I am so excited to have a team stand behind me and help me grow from where I am at, rather than expecting me to meet everyone else where they are at.  I am so excited to learn how to eat clean and make it delicious.  I can’t wait to feel better and to get a great kick-start on a path to a healthier version of myself who isn’t afraid of the park or the stairs or Disneyland.

I have decided 2018 is my year.  And I want you to follow with me on my journey.  I want you to follow for you and for me.  I want to show you wellness can be achieved, even when it seems so damn hard. And I want you to hold me accountable.  Share this journey with me.  I turn 29 next week and that means 30 is really coming up. I want to go into my 30s with a clear mind, strong body, and full heart and I am so excited to be starting this journey at Readiness Fitness!

The LBD 6.0 program includes:

  • Set Up for Success Manual
  • Professional Before & After Photos
  • Training Program
  • Nutrition for YOUR Body
  • Accountability
  • Daily Motivation
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Discounted Groceries from Body Fuel Organics
  • Pre-Made Meal Service with Best Food Forward
  • Ladies Night Out to celebrate!

Check out Participant Testimonials and more details at


About Jaclyn

I am the mommy of Everly and Harlow, the wife of Brett, and was a teacher in my former life. I grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with my mom, stepdad, and my two younger sisters. I come from a big, blended family, and love to spend time with everyone as often as I can. Some of my hobbies are reading, crafting, and watching awful reality TV.

3 thoughts on “It’s Time for A Change (and I’m Readi)

  1. Great read Jaclyn, and we are very excited to see you transform over the next 8 weeks and beyond!

  2. ❤️❤️❤️.. can’t wait to take the journey with you! Readiness is an increadible place with increadible women who will support you along the way.. in no time it will be your second home

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