About Us

Mommy Connections was started in November 2008 in Edmonton, AB and the sole purpose of the company and it’s programs are to connect Mom’s in their communities. A similar program had been run by the provincial health care system, but could not keep up with the demanding baby boom in the Edmonton area.

After speaking with many moms that had been through the public program, Carol the founder took the strengths and weaknesses and created an eight week program geared toward the needs and interests of today’s modern mother.

The program highlights postnatal fitness and health, nutrition for mom and baby, baby dental concerns, mom & baby classes, hip clubs, returning to work and more!

At the end of the 8 week program, the moms receive contact information for all the ladies in the group for continued meet-ups and support.

The program now includes sixteen communities in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario with additional locations in the works.