Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend just a few of the sessions, rather than the entire program?

Our programs are a registered 6-10 week class and we don’t offer single sessions. It is important for our moms to really connect while learning & experiencing, so that is why we like to have one consistent group of moms from start to finish, so they can really create a new community of friends.

Who runs the classes?

Each territory is owned by a mom-Director who is well connected in her community and who strives to be an expert on all businesses, products and services for families. The Director organizes the classes and expert presenters and facilitates each week. She is the main point of contact for each program.

Why should I pay for this program?

If your community offers a free structured program, we definitely encourage moms to take advantage of that. You can never have enough support in your community through other experts or new mom friends. Our programs are professionally run by women in the community and are NOT a moms group; we offer structure so that moms can avoid the awkward “moms group” scenario where it can often be stressful immediately make friends. Moms in our classes can naturally connect as the weeks go on.

How do you differ from other moms groups?

One group of moms starts and finishes each 6-10 week program. You won’t have random women coming and going each week, so our moms have an easier time of slowly getting to know each other over the course of the program. We offer structure, so there is time to socialize, time to learn, time to experience other fun classes in the community and we even provide our moms contact lists for every mom in the program!

Can I bring more than one child to the program?

Most of our Director allow multiple children to attend the program. Depending on the territory, there may be an additional charge or even a capacity maximum for the venue. Check with your Director for rules in your area.

How many moms should I expect in each class?

Our Mom to Be Classes and Mom & Tot classes generally have smaller numbers; not usually more than 12. Our Mom & Baby classes generally go up to 20 moms.

I was in one of your programs and have lost touch with my group – what should I do?

Our Directors would be happy to try and connect you with a new group. You can also utilize our territory facebook pages to connect with other moms in your area. If you have simply lost your program’s contact list, the Director can easily resend that to you. If you have a baby that is over 1, check out our Mom & Tot class; it is a great way for moms to get re-connected!

How old should my baby be when I register for your classes?

If you are expecting; look at our schedules in your first or second trimester and register for the program when you are in your second or third trimester. Most of the babies in our Mom & Baby class are 3-7 months, however, babies are welcome from 0-12 months. You can register for the Mom & Tot class any time after 12 months and up to 36 months.

I am moving to a new area and a Mommy Connections doesn’t exist

Think about becoming a Director in your new neighborhood! We are always expanding and seeking well-connected, energetic, organized and entrepreneurial-minded women to join our team of Mom-Directors! Visit our Licensing page for more information.