Being Scared. Being Brave. Being Bold.

Driven by a challenge, motivated by new opportunities and passionate about creating powerful narratives, from both a voice and visual perspective, I spent 20yrs+ as a Brand Marketing & Communications professional. For over a decade now I’ve also been playing in the digital space, with origins dating back to my days as an analyst and database marketer. I have always loved what I do and I’ve always been willing to work really hard.

A little over three months ago I returned to work after an extended maternity-leave. I had sincerely missed my work, the stimulation, the challenges and my colleagues. Sadly, I returned to a new workplace that was rife with complex challenges, including a host of unpaid vendors and a total lack of honest and transparent financial disclosure. In the short time I was part of their team, the organization cycled through three separate CEOs.

It didn’t take me long to realize that this was not the right fit for me. As a recent new mom I hadn’t left my baby boy at home only to be deluged by the endless troubles of a floundering organization. And so no sooner had I started did I part ways with this organization. I’ve never found myself in such an unfortunate situation, yet I had no doubt that leaving was my best option. If I was going to be away from my little boy, it needed to be in a positive environment, continuing to do what I loved, else why be away from him?

Just before I returned to work I had been presented with a very unique franchise opportunity. I had already accepted my job offer and my start date was set. Yet the opportunity nagged at me and ultimately I couldn’t resist.

The day after I left said toxic role I not only made my decision to move forward with the franchise purchase, but I planted down my franchise fees and jumped in with both feet. I am super excited to announce that I am the proud new owner of Mommy Connections Richmond Hill.

Started in November 2008, in Edmonton, Alberta, Mommy Connections filled a desperate need, connecting moms to their communities and other like-minded moms, during the pre and post-partum periods of motherhood, characterized by heightened sleep deprivation, loneliness and new mom angst. Delivering programs and workshops that provide unique learning and

growth opportunities for moms, their babies and young children, Mommy Connections now includes thirty-two locations across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Newfoundland.

This is arguably one of the boldest moves I’ve ever made! Yet in less than a month I have been privileged to cross paths with so many warm, inspiring and creative mompreneurs. I had a vision for what I wanted to do with my franchise and it is slowly unfolding. I have always had workaholic tendencies. But for the first-time in my career I’m burning the midnight oil and pounding the pavement for myself. I won’t lie – I’m ridiculously scared. But I’m also exhilarated, excited and eternally optimistic.

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