It’s time to have some “YOU” time!

I think this might be the biggest struggle that us moms face. I know it’s something that I struggle with a lot. It’s so easy to take care of everyone else in the household – the kids, the husband, the pets but when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we constantly put that on the back burner.

But we shouldn’t because an unhappy mom makes for an unhappy household. And really, how can we give to others when we have nothing left to give. We’re running on empty and that’s not healthy for anyone.

So here are some suggestions on how to get some quality time for yourself and re-charge your batteries:

Schedule one night a week as time for you, whether it’s a bubble bath or a long, hot shower without interruption or reading a magazine, doesn’t matter as long as it’s all about you.

  • Plan a girls night out once a month
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to babysit so you can get your hair done or go shopping
  • Go for a walk after the kids are in bed
  • Take advantage of the childcare at your local gym or rec centre and workout while they play
  • Make yourself a priority and do your hair and make-up in the mornings
  • Set the kids up with some Quiet Time activities in their room or playroom and watch your favourite TV shows for an hour
  • Enjoy a glass of wine with dinner

The most important thing is to make sure you find some time for yourself. It can be difficult and sometimes you can only get it at 5AM or 11PM but it’s worth it because you need it and deserve it. And I know from experience that I’m a much happier mommy the next day.




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