Aloette Skin Care – Pamela’s Story!

Pamela with Aloette Skin Care was featured at our past Mommy’s Night Out held at Sour Apple Nail & Tanning Bar in Pitt Meadows in June. Her story is touching and inspiring and really does shed some light on life and this product! In asking Pamela what made her decide to use and why she wanted to become a Beauty Consultant with Aloette took me by surprise and really does speak volumes about this skin care product. This is her story…
“Almost 5 years ago, I was a mom of two young children and I was fighting aggressive Breast Cancer.  After the chemo and radiation treatments I found my skin was scaly, bumpy and dry.  NOTHING would work for me, and then in July of 2010 I went to an ALOETTE Show…  The certified organic, cold pressed aloe was a miracle to my skin.  I saw changes in just a few days that I had been dealing with for a couple years.  As you can appreciate being off work, fighting this horrible disease was a financial strain on my family but I was able to try it out, and start my ALOETTE business for free!  I didn’t have to carry inventory, I didn’t have to package or deliver. I got to spend time with my children working my own hours and  I got to go out and help ladies, like myself, improve their skin and the lives of their families.   I am very proud that ALOETTE is on the PETA cruelty free list and that we also support programs to fight heart disease in woman.  Connecting with Mommies has been just one of the many blessings that ALOETTE has given me and I hope you all had a chance to try out the skincare in your swag bag, and had the opportunity give yourself a few moments of well deserved pampering. ”

To learn more please check out her website and don’t hesitate to contact her for more information about their products!


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